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-by car : if you come from the North, take the  Royan-Le Verdon ferry , then follow the lake road  in the Hourtin direction.


-If you come from Bordeaux : take the ring road junction number 8, follow the Lacanau direction, once in Sainte-Hélène, follow the Brachs direction then head for Carcans and Hourtin.


- by train

The Lesparre-médoc Sncf trainstation is 14 km from the campsite


-by plane :

 The Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is 65km from the campsite.



Les grands chênes et les ajoncs


15 routes des lacs

Lieux dit LIZAN

33 990 Naujac-sur-Mer


Latitude : (Nord) 45.2496° Décimaux ou   45° 14′ 58′′ 
Longitude : (Ouest) -1.085° Décimaux ou   -1° 5′ 5′′

Tél: 06 79 89 36 45


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